The History of Art in
100 Words

Early History

Imagination. Cave Paintings. Engraving. Handicrafts. Megaliths. Migration Period Art. Celtic Art. Cuneiform. Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Art of Ancient Egypt. Art of Mesopotamia. Art of Ancient Greece. Hellenistic Art. Roman Mythology. Roman Art. Late Antiquity.

Christian Art

Resurrection of Jesus. Christian Iconography. The Natural History. Byzantine Mosaic. Christian Catacombs. Insular Art. Crusades. Medieval Guilds. Illuminated Manuscripts. Gothic Art. Etching. Tapestry. Baroque. Perspective. Printing Press. Medici Family. Renaissance Humanism. Renaissance Art. Fresco. Marble Sculptures. Dutch Golden Age. Chiaroscuro. Vitruvian Man. Northern Renaissance. Oil Painting. Mannerism. Protestant Reformation. Counter Reformation.

Industrial Revolution

Age of Enlightenment. Academic Art. Rubenistes vs. Poussinistes. Rococo. Neoclassicism. Louvre Opens. Lithography. Industrial Revolution. Editorial Cartoons. Romanticism. Daguerrotype. Photography. Stereoscopy. Realism. En Plein Air. Impressionism. Post-Impressionism. Salon des Refuses.


Art Nouveau. Fauvism. Cubism. Expressionism. Fantasy. Arts and Crafts Movement. Color Photography. Abstract Expressionism. Color Field Paintings. Conceptual Art. Minimalism. Performance Art. Postmodernism. Pop Art. Roland Barthes' Semiotics. Film. Readymades of Marcel Duchamp. World War I. Dada. Futurism. Social Realism. Socialist Realism. Constructivism. Surrealism. Bauhaus. Art Deco. War Propaganda. Video Tape Recorder (VTR). Op Art. Post-minimalism. New York as Art Center. Greenberg's Flatness. Post-postmodernism. Photorealism. Earth Art. Graffiti. New Media Art. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).